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Welcome to OneGeology

OneGeology is an international initiative of the geological surveys of the world. This ground-breaking project was launched in 2007 and contributed to the 'International Year of Planet Earth', becoming one of their flagship projects.

Thanks to the enthusiasm and support of participating nations, the initiative has progressed rapidly towards its target - creating dynamic geological map data of the world, available to everyone via the web. We invite you to explore the website and view the maps in the OneGeology Portal.

Are you wondering what 1G can do for geo-3D? Join OneGeology and find out or contribute yourself!

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2007–2017: OneGeology is 10 years old!!!

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Sponsors of OneGeology

Financial sponsors are of vital importance to the future progress of OneGeology. See our Sponsors page to see who is currently ensuring the success of OneGeology. ESRI logo

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