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5.1 Setting up an ArcIMS WMS

5.1.1 Create and modify the AXL

You may use the MXD2WMS tool (described in Appendix C) to create the AXL required for the service. The AXL created using this method will take the .mxd layer name and use it to populate values for both the LAYER name attribute, and the LAYER id attribute. The LAYER id attribute value is used by the WMS GetCapabilities response for the WMS layer name. The LAYER name attribute value is used by the GetCapabilities response for the WMS layer title. If you have set up any scale layering in your .mxd file these will be translated into LAYER maxscale and minscale attributes in the AXL; and in turn into ScaleHint min and max attributes (WMS version 1.1.1 GetCapabilities response) or into <MinScaleDenominator> and <MaxScaleDenominator> elements (WMS version 1.3.0 GetCapabilities response).

Section last modified: 19 January 2010


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