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7.4.4 Configuring OGC services

GeoSciML-Portrayal is intended to support map services for online viewing and exploration of geologic data, and the creation of mash-ups integrating data from different servers and possibly different the-matic domains. The OGC WMS specification includes a ‘GetFeatureInfo’ operation that returns a description of a map feature at a user identified point on the map. Typically this is implemented by a mouse click in an on-screen map display. The operation returns a document determined by the server configuration. A variety of different formats may be offered, and specified by a request parameter. For OneGeology GeoSciML-Portrayal services, an XML document conforming to the GeoSciML-Portrayal XML schema should be provided when ‘outputFormat=application/xml’ is specified in the request. Other GetFeatureInfo response formats may also be offered.

Section last modified: 8 October 2015


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